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KARA Energy Systems is a worldwide supplier of complete combustion systems for wood and other biomass. Wood is a environmental neutral source of energy. When it is burnt, a certain amount of CO2 will be released, but if it is not burnt, the same amount of CO2 will emerge from the decaying process. Hence, heating by wood burning under optimal conditions is climate neutral and socially responsible.KARA supplies these optimal conditions, e.g. with its partner Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment, with installations for the generation of sustainable electricity with combined heat and power installations .With its 100 years of experience, KARA knows, like no other in the business, how to burn wood efficiently for heat production. The heat can be used for instance for heating industrial halls or greenhouses, but also the heat can be used for the generation of electricity for own use or delivery to the grid. That is why KARA installations are the answer to rising energy prices.A KARA energy system is delivered turn-key, and our engineers won’t leave before the installation is fully operational.